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Buying your product - How to shop your mood board

Posted on 27 May 2017

Last time, we talked about creating a mood board to get our creative juices flowing and help us to start designing a space. We took inspiration from our client (or ourselves!) and turned a small brief into a vibrant, elegant but fun space centred around the colour blue.

But where to go from here? We really want to create this space but we need to find the pieces we need. This is where the mood board comes into play. It’s going to help us on our shopping journey to find the pieces we want, which might not necessarily be the exact items we put on the board, but are possibly similar in colour, shape or style to what we’re after

Let’s take a look at our mood board again:


Some of our key furniture pieces that we need are a sofa, an armchair, an entertainment unit, coffee table, rug and a drinks cart. We can start to create a shopping list for pieces that fit our brief in different price points. This allows us to play with budget, and achieve the same look but maybe we end up buying the high end sofa, so can only get the low and medium end armchair and coffee table


Check out the Emilio Side Board here and Glamour Sofa here

Our big budget look with lots of delicious, expensive pieces invokes a luxury feel. Glamorous entertaining, sumptuous relaxation and the reminder of the golden age of air travel, when you dressed up to fly to far flung, exotic destinations. Brass and timber centre the space by creating a warm counterpart to the cool blues.


Check out the Mason Button Back Arm Chair here

Our Mid-Range design has the same feel but with a bit more deep blue and grey. The scheme is more affordable but still retains all of the elegance.


Our budget look is light, playful and invokes the fun of travelling when young. Everything feels much more graphic and youthful, while still hinting at that golden age of travel through artwork.

We should now look back at our budget, and see what elements we want to splurge on, and where we can cut costs by dipping into lower and mid range products. Having a big, bold hero piece (or investment piece – usually a sofa or a rug, but could be a fantastic piece of original vintage/retro furniture that holds court over the entire room) creates a strong statement in the room, and allows you to decorate around it.

So! Now we can go shopping and create a room! The best organic process of creating your room though, is going to the stores that have your furniture selections and finding something else you hadn’t considered that fits the brief. Maybe it’s more comfortable than the one you thought you liked the look of. Maybe (the best thing) they’re having a sale and a piece you didn’t consider because it was out of your budget is now square within your budget!

This was the end result of creating the apartment with this particular client.






As you can see, we ended up using blues in accent, and chose cool greys with white and timber to create a feeling of airiness. The flight concept is still there in the fan lamp and the coffee table, which have propeller and air elements to them. Going esoteric instead of literal in your translation of a brief makes for a deeper appreciation of the room.

This weeks article was written by Clinton Moore of Clinton James Interiors


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