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Smart storage ideas: Making the most of your space to declutter

Posted on 29 July 2017

My guess is we’ve all seen those TV programs with hoarders, where everything is pulled out of a room and they are given a few boxes to fill with items that are allowed back into the house? There are invariably tears and angst, as the hoarder releases the items that represent the hurt part of them they are holding onto. In some small way, most of us are hoarders too.

Those of you who work in agile working environments may understand the resistance most people have to swapping desks each time they are in the office. We are creatures of habit; we want our own space filled with things we can find easily and that are familiar to us. We want this in our house too.


Source: busyboo

So how do we create a home that is comfortable, has all the stuff we need at hand, and doesn’t look like a candidate for one of those hoarding shows? Find “a place for everything and everything in its place”.

When designers take a brief, we are making connections between what you need and use and having it within the vicinity of where it is utilised. Become aware of what you use and how much time you spend walking to get it. For instance, if you find yourself running out to grab a tool from the garage every second day to tighten a widget consider finding a storage space for that item inside the house. This seems obvious but I see it all the time - an item is kept somewhere “because that’s the spot it has always been in.”


Source - babyology

So how do you make space? Look for the nooks and crannies – can they be used differently? Would it work better if the back or side of a breakfast bar had the panels exchanged for cupboards so you can access items closer to the living room?


Make sure you check out some of domu's storage option like the Emilio Side Board shown above

Could a non-structural dividing wall be replaced with a joinery unit, perhaps with double sided cupboards below for all the things you need and some open shelving above to display the items that you love?


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Are the kids toys in trolleys, so they can be wheeled into a cupboard or under the bed, at the end of playtime?

Always losing small items in your bathroom drawer? Install a magnetic strip from Officeworks or Kikki. K inside the drawer and store your nail clippers, tweezers, bobby pins etc on it.

Don’t always think side on, or above storage. Maybe you can lift items off the ground? Is there space to build a plinth under your washer and dryer for drawers or basket storage?


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Got a tall ceiling? Go up! A study loft, a bedroom, a reading room library, a kid’s playroom are all spaces that benefit from going up.


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The trick to finding space to store all the things you useis to look for the space that you are not using.

'Tina Murray is a Melbourne based interior designer, author and speaker who believes good design (and life) comes from the heart.


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